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Flexstay Hospitality Limited. (herein referred to as "FXS" and "Our") is a Singapore based Hospitality company that provides the best hotel deals from around the world.

Contrary to most previously seen ICOs, we have a largely commercialized product: "Flexstay Clearing Cycle" As per the system If the consumer uses FXs tokens to complete the transaction, the clearing cycle is completed. If a non-FXs token is used, the algorithm automatically demands and deduces a fee of the cryptocurrency used to complete the transaction from the client’s account. The system automatically allocates a certain percentage of the collected fees towards providing discounts to accounts holding FXs (merchant or guest).


Neglected Hotel Loyalty Programs - With FlexStay Mobile App, Users will earn points. Points can be accumulated to use for a free nights stay at any of our participating hotels or resorts.

High Commissions – Online Commission Agents charge 15-30% Commissions and due to which Hotel Margins are impacted and Flexstay Mobile App eliminates such commissions.

Increase Transparency – Flexstay Mobile App makes all possible Hotels availability shown to Customers against few locations shared by Online Travel Agents due to tieups.

And Many more we are solving in coming days...

Our Awesome features

Zero Commission Fee

Flexstay App allows users to Book your Hotels with 0% fee using FXS Token

Tag & Query Mechanism

Instant and Secured asset transfers (scanning an unique QR code)

Fiat & Cryptocurrency Payment Method

Book Hotels with Fiat & other Cryptocurrency apart from FXS

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points accrued on FXS App can be redeemed for free nights stay at participating hotels

Flexstay Clearing Cycle

If Non FXS Token is used, System automatically allocates % of the collected fees towards providing discounts

Worldwide Coverage At Launch

FlexStay App is coming up with Thousands of properties over 200 countries to provide incomparable choice / Price Guarantee.

Got you Wherever you are.

  • Every day we try to inspire and reach millions of travellers across various Continents where ever you are !

  • FlexStay App is coming up with hundreds of thousands of properties in over 200 countries and territories, we provide incomparable choice with a Price Guarantee !!


Our Travel Application

User Friendly

a simple interface with complete features makes our FlexStayBeta easy to use for beginner Guests or experienced in Booking.

No Transaction / Commission Fees

transaction fees are one of the problems often faced by crypto traders, we are here as a solution.

Flexstay Clearance Cycle

Merchants and clients are eligible to higher Discounts on the virtue of having a FlexStay account and being FlexStay token holders

Our ICO Roadmap


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Flexstay Tokens?

FlexStay Tokens (FXs) are ERC20- standard tokens that will be used to facilitate quicker and cheaper transactions on the Flexstay platform.

What is the process after purchasing Flexstay Tokens?

You will receive FXs to your ETH address anytime during ICO. Users can either sell on exchanges (Mercatox, Hitbtc, Coinexchange & Yobit) which we will listing during Pre ICO / ICO or spend them on our platform with better value and greater benefits.

When will Flexstay Platform be launched?

FXs platform (Flexstay Beta) with be launched in Q4 2019.

What can I do with Flexstay Token?

FXs will be used for the purchase of products and services on the Flexstay Beta. FXs users will enjoy Discounts in Hotel Booking Prices and Rewards. The whitepaper details the Flexstay Beta economy and its uses.

Which Country Hotels I can book using Flexstay Token?

Users of Flexstay will be able to book hotel rooms in almost all the countries around the world as we are opening up access to Flexstay Beta with 500,000 properties worldwide.

Does Flexstay have Mobile App?

In Q4 2019 FXs will launch Flexstay Beta with a mobile application for both iOS and Android.

Our ICO Distribution

Token Allocation

Fund Allocation

Token Stages

Pre-ICO Sale
START May 31- END June 09, 2019
$0.05 USD = 1 FXS

75% Discount LIVE NOW

ICO Phase - 1
START June 10- END June 16, 2019
$0.10 USD = 1 FXS

50% Discount 1 Million FXS ( Up to 11 BTC)

ICO Phase - 2
START June 17- END June 23, 2019
$0.14 USD = 1 FXS

70% Discount 0.5 Million FXS ( Up to 8 BTC)

ICO Phase - 3
START June 24- END June 30, 2019
$0.17 USD = 1 FXS

15% Discount 0.25 Million FXS ( Up to 5 BTC)

ICO Phase - 4
START July 1- END July 7, 2019
$0.19 USD = 1 FXS

5% Discount 0.25 Million FXS ( Up to 6 BTC)

Latest by July 8th, 2019

Easiest Steps Ever

Deposit Funds here https://flexstay.io/deposit.php. Initial conversion is ETH, However One can pay with around 50+ Payment Processors available with CoinPayments
Once Deposit gets Confirmed, Purchase Tokens here https://flexstay.io/purchasecoins.php
Tokens Purchased can be shown here https://flexstay.io/coinshistory.php

Our Awesome Team

Mike Marrow

Chief Executive Officer

Susie Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Keith B

Chief Technology Officer

Jose Owen

Chief Financial Officer

Dona Long

Project Lead

Matt Sab

Enterprise Customer Solutions

William Blake

Business Development

Tran Phin

Marketing & PR